10 Ways to Use Banners on a Roll® at Your Race

So you just bought an order of Banners on a Roll® for your bike race/ marathon and you want to use them the best ways possible, right? Below are 10 quick tips on how Banners on a Roll® are most commonly and effectively used for your race.

You can use Banners on a Roll®…

as Event Signage
1. Easy-to-use, weatherproof signage at races (run along stage)
2. Run along fences. Wrap hay bales. Use as safety barriers
3. Table skirting at registrations and award ceremonies
4. Background logo wall at press conferences, award ceremonies and promotions

in Community Events
5. Parades– skirting for floats/signage for marchers
6. At golf tournaments—flag for hole poles, decorate golf and beverage carts and award banquet
7. Signage at speaking engagements
8. Promotions in schools, civic clubs, and stores
9. Wrap donation barrels at food, book, and clothing drives

as Spirit Flags
10. Give individually-cut logos to fans at concerts. Have fans wave your logos … they make for great visuals in the stands.

No matter the event, what’s great about Banners on a Roll® is that you can leave your logo behind and it’s better than a poster. It won’t wrinkle and it’s waterproof.

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