5k-marathon advertising

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1. Consider your audience. 

Advertise in channels that would appeal to your particular audience.  If it is a family fun run, advertise or post your run in places or channels that would appeal to families:  i.e. online family event calendars, schools, community festivals, etc.  If your event features live entertainment, consider advertising or posting at live entertainment venues, in local nightlife publications, or on local radio.  If it is a charitable event, have the organization you are benefiting utilize their donor base and contact list to promote your event.

2. Appeal to the runners. 

Want to attract runners?  Go where the runners go.  Put up fliers at all the local running stores within a certain radius.  Post on local running club social media pages.  Ask local land or property owners along busy running or traffic routes if you can put a banner or flier up on their fence or storefront.   List your race on every online race calendar you can find.  You can also advertise at other area runs.  Many run organizers will allow you to place fliers in their race bags, especially if you allow them to place fliers in yours.  Or you might want to rent a booth at their race, so that you can recruit runners directly and sign them up then and there.  You might also work a trade with other race directors to access each other’s email lists.

3. Stop the presses! 

Local news organizations are always looking for local events to talk about…add yours to the buzz by submitting a press release about your event.  If yours is not a first-year event, highlight any changes or additions to your event in  your press release.

4. Make it easy. 

However you choose to advertise your run, it is important to keep your audience in mind and to be clear and concise about the purpose and details of your event.  Make your message compelling and easy for potential race participants to act upon.  Give them the what, when, why, and how, and give them the direct link, emails, and phone numbers for registering or asking questions.  You might consider using a professional registration service to help with ease of registration and tracking registrants.

5. Be excited! 

Enjoy the process and be excited about your event!  You and your team are the greatest advertisements for your event.  Your excitement about your event will be contagious, as you spread the word and promote your event among your friends, family, acquaintances, and business contacts.  Have fun and enjoy the run!



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