I may not be Wonder Woman, but I’m a wonder at branding events!

That’s what I tell myself each day when we work together at Banners on a Roll® to solve issues for our clients.

And that brings me to the New York Road Runners Club.

For years we’ve been working with the New York Road Runners Club to provide branding signage for their many events, including the NYC Marathon. One of the branding items that we provide for the NYC Marathon is Banners on a Roll®, which are used as table skirting for the water tables along the 26.2 miles.

In the early years, we packaged the Banners on a Roll® as usual with 200 imprints per roll. The NYRRC was focused on the total number of imprints needed to skirt the tables, and we saw no reason to package them differently.

One year the NYRRC representative told me that it was time consuming to take the rolls to multiple locations, cut off the length of Banners on a Roll® needed for that specific location, and move on to the next location.

That’s when the members of our Banners on a Roll® team came together to solve the problem. We can provide special packaging!

The first thing I did was find out from the NYRRC how many feet of Banners on a Roll® they needed at each location. Then – since I knew the number of linear feet at each location and the size of the repeat of 1 imprint – I was able to determine the total number of imprints needed at each mile stop along the course.

Some miles had only one roll; others had two rolls. Each roll is a different length to meet the needs for each location.

To facilitate the distribution of the rolls for the NYRRC, I made labels for each mile and indicated the mile number, number of rolls per location, and how many imprints on each specific roll.

At our production plant, the labels are placed on the outside of each roll so that the rolls can be easily distributed as the NYRRC staff set up for the race.

Problem solved!

Again this year, we’ll be working with the NYRRC to provide Banners on a Roll® as table skirting for the 2019 NYC Marathon.

Below are photos of Banners on a Roll® from previous NYC Marathons.

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