The end of the year is a time for wrapping up projects and winding down, but for a marketer it is one of the biggest opportunities you have all year.  The holiday season has an important role in your event marketing plan.  If a marketing touch point with your audience was not on your list of things to do this season, it is worth adding.  Here are three ways to make the most of the holidays in your event marketing plan when you reach out to your list:

  • Keep It Simple – Send a branded Happy Holidays greeting without a pitch. This does not need to be fancy.  It can include a small gift or not.  Your goal is to offer your kindness and well wishes.  Make sure the email or card you send features your logo and business name prominently.  With emails, even those contacts who do not appear to open the message may have seen your name come up in their inbox.
  • Share Highlights – Send a brief message that shows the highlights of your most recent event. A collection of the best photos, testimonials, article headlines, or any other content that you can compile will give the people on your list a snapshot of how wonderful your last event was.  Remind them of the experience they had or show them what they missed out on.  It will get them thinking about next year’s event.  For a fundraiser, this is a time to remind them of the total raised at the last event, the good you have done with that revenue, and your gratitude for their part in the process.  Save the ask for later and instead use this opportunity to make them feel connected to your mission.
  • Offer Thanks and Goals – Another approach you can take is to start by acknowledging the role your contacts had in your success this year. Share any major goals or milestones achieved and let them in on some of your plans for next year without making any overt pitch.  This makes them part of your goal and could potentially unearth other ways for them to contribute or expand your network in the coming year.

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Whether your event takes place close to the holiday season or a long way off, this is a great time to extend your event marketing and leave a positive impression.

The holiday season is a time for goodwill and for giving.  So use this opportunity in your event marketing plan to share a simple message of appreciation without a sales pitch.  By keeping your greeting positive and kind – while branding it appropriately – you will get your contacts thinking about you and prime them for more targeted marketing in the coming year.

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