How to Spend Marketing Dollars Wisely During Tight Times

Even though the economy is improving slowly, consumer spending is down and many companies are still struggling to deliver the profits that they achieved in the past few years. As a marketing/promotion person, where does that leave you? Your boss expects your company’s visibility in the community to increase in order to prevent declining profits, while at the same time your budget is slashed.

As we all know, one of the first departments to come under scrutiny tends to be marketing. Now you need to be cleaver, creative, and frugal. Spend your budget dollars wisely and get a bang for your buck. It’s a critical time to look at how you’re spending your marketing budget and to determine if you may have opportunities for improvement. Get your message out in the community now and when the financial times improve, your company will be remembered by consumers, who will have additional dollars to spend.

That’s how Banners on a Roll® can benefit you! Any promotion can be brought to life with their consistent, attention-grabbing presence. Spread your message for a fraction of the cost of conventional banners.

Now is the time to think smart and to spend wisely. As a former nonprofit fundraiser, I know what it’s like to work with creative teams under tight budgets in order to implement effective promotions. Don’t let the economy get you down. Get savvy. Get Banners on a Roll®.

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