Metal crowd control barricades have been a staple of large events for such a long time because they’re a simple and effective solution to implement. The only drawback of metal barricades is that they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing solution. A line of metal barricades can feel cold and unwelcoming. Even further, a “naked” metal barricade is a wasted opportunity to showcase your brand or your sponsor’s brand. Our barricade covers are custom printed with the latest industry technology, so you can get exactly what you need to maximize sponsorship dollars or the visibility of your brand. Just click 'Get a Quote' and we'll get started on getting you exactly what you need.


  • Custom sized
  • Made of durable, weatherproof vinyl
  • Hemmed edges
  • Grommets for easy application

Popular uses for our Barricade Covers include:

  • Running events – Keep onlookers off the course with race or sponsor branded barricade covers
  • Concerts – Cover the barricades in front of the stage with sponsor messages
jacksonville jag baricade covers
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