Ropes and chains are a simple and common way to designate space for lines to form. However, ropes and chains are often more difficult to spot, and more importantly, using them means you’re missing out on a great opportunity to showcase your brand or your sponsor’s message. With our custom barricade tape, you can solve both of these problems. Our ability to print the highest quality images means that your designated area will stand out and your sponsor’s message will be conveyed clearly wherever our barricade tape is hung.


  • Repeatable imprints
  • Made of disposable polyethylene plastic

Popular uses for our Barricade Tape include:

  • Running events – Use barricade tape to block off certain areas of the route or use it as a finish line
  • Concerts/music festivals – Designate waiting areas for bathrooms, merchandise tents, food tents, and more.
  • Sporting events – Utilize barricade tape with your team’s logo to section off areas for tailgating or parking.
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