Mesh Banners

Advertising outdoors is a great way to spread your message, but if the signage you’re using can’t compete with the elements, it could get lost on those passing by. Even if you have a durable banner in place that can withstand rain, snow, and sunlight, the wind can still cause problems by causing a “sail effect” and distorting the banner. What’s the secret to avoiding this issue? Our custom mesh banners. These tough, PVC-coated outdoor banners check all the boxes when it comes to conquering the challenges of outdoor advertising. Not only is the material durable, but the mesh design also allows wind gusts pass through the banner so your message is never distorted. If this sounds like something that fits your needs, fill out the ‘Get a Quote’ form and we’ll begin matching you up with the perfect mesh banner.


  • Features:PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • Hemmed edges to prevent fraying
  • Grommets every two feet for easy and secure hanging

Popular uses for our Mesh Banners include:

  • Baseball fence banners – Cover your outfield fencing with your team’s logo or sponsor messages.
  • Construction sites – Cover fencing around the perimeter of the site with a branded “Coming Soon” mesh banner.
  • Running events – Guide runners through the race by covering your fences in branded mesh banners.

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