The Secret To Effective Event Branding

In my previous life, I was a non-profit fundraiser, who was in charge of community events. The only banner signage available then was conventional, vinyl banners, which, as you know, are quite costly. At each event I was the “banner guard.” Not only did I ensure that the event ran smoothly, but also I made sure that the banners were not stolen. Ugh! What an awful job! I constantly had to keep my eyes on the signage. Then after the event it was my job to roll up the banners carefully so that I could reuse them at other events.  I wish that I had had Banners on a Roll! It would have been so easy to unroll a line of repeating imprints, put them up, and leave them for fans and participants to take home as souvenirs.  I also would have had ready-made table skirting for registration tables and banquets.


It’s so easy to imagine ways to use Banners on a Roll: table skirting, signage at community service events and fundraisers, backdrops for photos, and barriers to cordon off special areas.  All sorts of organizations can use Banners on a Roll. Corporations can use them not only in the community to brand events, but also for in-house activities such as company picnics, annual meetings, and conferences.  Non-profits can use Banners on a Roll at orientations, fundraisers, and banquets. Colleges and universities, additionally, can use Banners on a Roll at alumni and athletic events.

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