If you plan events, you know the crescendo that happens as you get closer to event day.  Deadlines suddenly start piling on top of each other.  Your daily to-do list fills with the finer details, the smaller tasks, the things you need to order and ship.  Advertising banners are often one of those elements of the later planning stages.  But you don’t have to wait until the very end to think about this!  You can get prepared by adding a few key, practical items to your signage closet.  Today, we are telling you about 3 versatile types of advertising banners that can make your event planning easier.

Getting ahead of the game on ordering signage can be a tricky thing when it is tied to headcount, room design, final dimensions, and other details that define the space.  This often leads to last-minute ordering and figuring out how to get the signage where you need it on time.  This is a whole sub-section of your to do list!

One way to get in front of this is to have a few more versatile advertising banners on hand that will be useful in a variety of situations.  This way, whatever the space, you know you have an option on hand that will get your logo out in front of your audience.

There are a few types of advertising banners we recommend for your supply closet.  These are 3 versatile styles that will make your planning process easier.

Step-and-Repeat Backdrops

If you have events where you know there will be attendees taking photos, this is an easy way to make sure you are prepared.  Backdrops are portable with frames that you can take down and put up at as many events as you need.  A sturdy vinyl backdrop with your logo will withstand the wear and tear of repeated set-ups and strikes.

Whenever you have attendees or VIPs you want to photograph or broadcast, this is an easy way to ensure that the photos will be branded at all of your events.  No matter what other branding was in the room, everyone who sees the photos will see this!

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are probably the most versatile type of signage to have in stock.  No matter where you need your company message to appear, it can be there.  These are portable.  They are easy and quick to set-up, and they can be set up by one person with no special adhesives.  No matter what the layout of the room is, no matter how much space you have, this type of banner will probably work.

If you are looking for a no-fuss option for your inventory, you will be happy you have one of these!  You will end up using this type of banner time and time again, especially for booths or tighter quarters.

Banners on a Roll®

If you have a long space that you need to wrap or fill with repeating event or sponsor logos, you definitely want to have Banners on a Roll® on hand.  This is the perfect solution if you have a large area and you need to cover it with signage.  It is durable for both indoor and outdoor events and disposable to make your tear down process easier.

If you have multi-city events, this is also a way to ensure that your message is consistent, and because it comes on a roll it won’t wrinkle in transit.


Many event planners have to order signage at the end of the planning process, but having a few versatile advertising banners like this in your inventory will mean less need to order specialized signage later on.  You will find yourself going back to these over and over for your events!

To learn more about how Banners on a Roll® can help you brand your race and create memorable moments for your marketing, read here.

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